Kickstart Your Business: Flipdish

Kick Start Your Business – Flipdish

This week it was Conor McCarthy’s turn to get his business, 'Flipdish', kickstarted on the Right Hook.
As always, George and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were on hand to give the business a kickstart as only they can.
The Business Idea
With a background in software development, Conor first considered developing an online food ordering system back in 2007, but didn’t feel he could bring anything new to the party. Seven years later, and frustrated by the poor customer experience delivered by other apps, he decided to develop Flipdish.
Gers Tips and Advice       
Conor and his brother James have developed a fantastic product that allows users to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to order fast food and have it delivered to your home or business.
The main thing that distinguishes Flipdish from other similar apps currently operating in the market, is that is offers second to none customer service. The functionality of the app is also extremely user friendly which only adds to its appeal.
People sometimes avoid using such applications as they can find it troublesome and time-consuming. What Flipdish does is that cuts down the decision-making process and significantly reduces ordering time in as little as two taps.
About Flipdish
  • Flipdish allows users to discover restaurants in their area and order deliveries to their home or office in as few as two taps.
  • Flipdish also provides white-label solutions to restaurants looking for their own branded app.
  • Flipdish will allow customers to order food from any one of one thousand restaurants throughout Dublin.
For more information about Flipdish simply visit the below website where you can also download the app directly to your mobile device:


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