Kickstart Your Business: Noir Nails

George Hook helps to kickstart another business on the Right Hook.
It is the turn of Gosha Masek to get her business, 'Noir Nails', kickstarted on the Right Hook.
The Business Idea
Gosha always had long natural nails from when she was young, and her interest in professional nail services piqued when she broke a nail, and had a bad experience in her native Poland with a nail technician. From there, she was inspired to start a business that would take care of hands and feet properly and professionally.
With 15 years of experience - 9 in Poland and 6 in Ireland - she established Noir Nails just over two years ago at the height of the recession.
George and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were on hand to give the business a kickstart as only they can.
George’s Tips & Observations
Gosha is providing manicures and pedicures in Noir Nails, George and Ger attended as customers and thought it was a very good service!
He asks why men should have manicures and pedicures, Gosha explains the male clientele is increasing and that it is not only cosmetic- it is also hygienic to have hard skin removed so that it doesn’t cause any pain or trouble.
Ger’s Tips & Observations
Ger explains that in Ireland, we are used to associating stylists, manicure services etc with women however in other parts of the world men are equally important customers for these services.
Ger says by and large, men in particular are guilty for not looking after their hands and feet where it would be great to form a habit to take care of ourselves. Ger explains that it is important to get the customer to come back to the salon- which is part of the challenge for Gosha and everyone in the service industry, which enables Gosha to be able to forecast sales and rely on the customer every 6 weeks. He says it is working well to be positioned with the Hairdressing salon.
About Noir Nails:
  • Use electric files- very unusual
  • 15 years of experience
  • Necessary to have a manicure/pedicure roughly every 6 weeks
If you would like to find out more about Noir Nails, simply go to:
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