Kickstart Your Business: Pamper The Camper

It is the turn of Wendy Riordan to get her business, 'Pamper the Camper', kickstarted on the Right Hook. George and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were on hand as always to give the business a kickstart, as only they can.
The Business Idea
With a background in sales and customer service, Wendy recognised an opportunity when she heard a friend describe how he and his partner fell into an argument whilst hauling their gear from car park to festival campsite. What if there was a company who could deliver your camping gear to you directly on site?

About Pamper the Camper
  • Pamper the Camper is a one-stop shop for all your camping and festival needs. The business model is based on people travelling to festivals need a tent and camping gear for the duration of the festival. Pamper the Camper offers camping packages and shared packages to suit the needs of all festival goers.
  • People can purchase their items online, select a festival and have it delivered directly to the location. After the festival, people have the choice whether they would like to keep their gear or donate it to charity.
  • Throughout the festivals, Pamper the Camper have an on-site presence with the pick-up tent doubling up as a camping shop for all your camping needs selling various festival must haves from sleeping bags and pillows to headlamp torches and dry shampoo.
Gers Tips and Advice
  • The website is absolutely brilliant. The layout is so user friendly and the purchasing process is made so easy for customers. Wendy and her web designer have hit the nail on the head with the website which is hugely important.
  • This business model is very scalable in the sense that that the idea can be mirrored anywhere in the world. There is huge potential for the business to grow not just in Ireland but internationally and its important for Wendy to protect her business. Pamper the Camper has already received inquiries from abroad, so watch this space.
You can find out more about Pamper the Camper by visiting today!


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