Kickstart Your Business: QueezyBags

George Hook helps to kickstart another business on the Right Hook...and it's all about easy to use, durable sick bags!
Every week we Kickstart a business on the Right Hook with thanks to Energia. This week it is the turn of Carrie Dooley to get her business, 'QueezyBags', kickstarted on the Right Hook.
The Business Idea
Carrie is a radiographer by day, and entrepreneur by night. When her first child Liam suffered from travel sickness, Carrie looked in vain for sick bags in several shops and pharmacies near her home. And so she decided to produce her own.
George and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were on hand to give the business a kickstart as only they can.
George’s Tips & Observations
George spoke of his own travel sickness as something he’s never grown out of! The benefit of this product is not just for travel sickness but also for a number of uses, for example, pregnancy sickness also.
Hiring an intern through the Job Bridge scheme was one of George’s recommendations as Carrie spoke about her desire to move into grocery with the product. George suggested having a supermarket stand and handing out free samples of the QueezyBag for people to try and test and promote the product.
Ger’s Tips & Observations
Ger described QueezyBags as a classic case that we see each week on Kickstart Your Business. A simple idea which we ask; ‘How come someone hasn’t already thought of this?’ He sees this as a brilliant product and with a number of applications beyond travel sickness; pregnancy sickness, hospitals, people in bars having had too much alcohol and nausea in general.
The business has a great name and great tagline: Life is busy, don’t hold back. However, Ger recommended that the product needs more stand out packaging as more visual stand out would give it a better push. For a small investment Carries could talk to a graphic designer and work on better stand out packaging to improve the product on the shelf.
About QueezyBags:
  • The QueezyBag is a product that is used for sickness that you can seal so it is discreet and hygienic when in a car, travelling etc.
  • 3 per pack.
  • Distributed to pharmacies and service stations at present, but Carrie hopes to also have them in grocery stores.
  • Retail sales price: €3.99 for a 3 pack.
If you would like to find out more about the software, simply go to:

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