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This week, it is the turn of Padraig Clarke to get his business, Saorbuga, kickstarted on the Right Hook. George and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were on hand as always to give the business a kickstart, as only they can.

The Business Idea
When Padraig’s wife and business partner Sinead found conventional headphones uncomfortable whilst out running, they decided to research and design their own solution to the problem. And so Saorbuga, loosely translating as Move Freely, offering wireless audio headgear was born.

About Saorbuga
  • Based in Dublin, Saorbuga is a new Irish brand, specialising in Bluetooth audio headwear. Saorbuga bring the best of design, sound, and quality to your outdoor and sports pursuits.
  • The current product range includes beanie hats, sports headbands, and sports beanie hats but have exciting plans to introduce more products to the market in the near future.
  • The Saorbuga name has its roots in the Irish language. Saorbuga literally means Free to Move.
  • Their Bluetooth-enabled products allow people to do just that; move freely while enjoying their favourite music, audio, or talking with friends whether in the gym, outdoors, playing sport or just taking it easy.
  • Padraig has plans to expand the business outside of Dublin and bring his fantastic and innovative products to a national audience.
Gers Tips and Advice
  • Padraig has created a new and innovative product. The most important thing at this stage is for Padraig to develop lasting relationships with retailers that will not only bring the product to market, but also commit to helping the business grow and develop over time
  • The challenge is that there are many large tech companies that could potentially move into this space, which is why it’s so important for Padraig to protect the brand and the product.
  • As Padraig mentions, what Saorbuga offers is something that people didn’t know they needed until they saw it. It’s a unique and trendy product that can really go far.

You can visit the website by clicking here.

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