Kickstart Your Business: The Birds and the Teas

George Hook helps to kickstart another business on the Right Hook.
This week is the turn of Olive Germaine to get her business, 'The Birds and the Teas', kickstarted on the Right Hook.
The Business Idea
When Olive and husband Pat, became redundant within one week of each other, they decided to return to their backgrounds and experience in the kitchen and cook up some high quality chutneys, relishes and preserves. They started at car boot sales with baked products, chutneys, preserves and more and found there was a real demand.
They borrowed money from family to start up their business, sold products and everything they spent they put back into the business and grew from there. They developed the products by talking to customers at farmers markets and listening to customers’ needs and feedback.
George’s Tips & Observations
Their produce proved so delicious that when our George tasted some at his local supermarket, he was immediately prompted to invite Olive onto the programme. He was very impressed with the products being sampled in the supermarket.
He loves the family idea being the company and the tradition of having the family involved in the business.
Ger’s Tips & Observations
Ger also liked the idea of this being a family business. He explained the benefits of the family business being the flexibility behind it and being fluid with payroll to meet the needs and demand.
Ger advised that although this is not a business dependent on a strong online presence, they can do more by ordering online and working on the packaging to be more robust for people who want to send Irish products abroad.
Ger suggested using plug-ins for e-commerce as a template.
He suggested that he would like to see the logo bigger on the label to bring the out personality of the brand.
About Birds and the Teas:
  • Sold in Supervalu.
  • Took part in the Supervalu Food Academy and received coaching and training.
  • Goods cooked in a commercial kitchen.
  • Family run company.
If you would like to find out more about the product range, simply go to:


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