Kickstart Your Business: Trendster


It is the turn of Harry McGann to get his business, 'Trendster', kickstarted on the Right Hook. George and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were on hand as always to give the business a kickstart, as only they can.


The Business Idea
Although still in school, Harry has been an entrepreneur for the past three years, and was prompted to set up Trendster with his business partner Jack Cullen in order to give young people a platform to tell their own stories, comment on news stories, and give a voice to a generation.
About Trendster
  • Trendster gives young people an opportunity to write and contribute to written, audio and visual content across a broad range of topics including sport, entertainment, lifestyle, politics and current affairs.
  • The target audience are people who are already active users of social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram.
  • Trendster has a core group of regular contributors not just in Ireland, but also based internationally - in the US and Caribbean - which gives an even broader perspective across various topics.
  • By increasing the users and visitors to the website, Harry’s goal is to generate advertising revenue which can be then re-invested back into the business to help it grow and increase its offerings over time.
Gers Tips and Advice
  • The website is very user friendly and is broken down into sections which can be easily navigated.  
  • The key for Trendster now is to keep relevant and keep content fresh and new to ensure visitors to the site return regularly to check for updated content.
  • The quality of the writing is of a very high standard which is very important. Trendster gives young people a great platform to contribute to content and also encourages young people to give their opinion and their take on current affairs, whether it be sport, politics or entertainment etc.
You can find out more about Trendster by visiting the Trendster website:

By Alex Rousseau, 

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