Lightbulb Moment |"Making yourself different from your competitors is vital in the retail business"


In 2010, it became clear to us that achieving growth in retail was becoming ever more difficult. At Equipet, we looked at ways to help our company grow and become more profitable. It wasn’t one single action but several strategic decisions taken that helped our business achieve its goals. We looked closer at our running costs, and invested in efficiencies that we believed would provide the business with long-term financial payback. Changing lighting in our stores to LED was one such change. Engaging in new technology made our business more efficient. Hand held scanners with multiple functionality brought a time-saving benefit, which allowed our expert staff spend more time with our customers and drive sales. In terms of our growth potential, supermarket chains were our biggest competitors. We examined what the main supermarket brands were offering and by working closely with our suppliers, we developed attractive monthly promotions for our customers. Making yourself different from your competitors is vital in the retail business, and realising that was our light bulb moment. When you walk into any Equipet store, you are meeting a team that loves your pet as much as you do! We bring a new dimension to pet and equestrian retail, with a strong focus on product range, customer service and clever merchandising, giving our customer – and their pet – the best possible shopping experience.

Pull quote: "Equipet customers enjoy the largest range of pet and equestrian products all under one roof. Based primarily in retail parks, we currently operate five large stores in Meath, Louth and north Dublin."

Attribute pic to Jane Matthews


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