Lightbulb Moment | "I was willing to take the risk"

I opened my salon Head Shed back in July 2016. It was a risky decision as we were on the third floor of a shopping centre with no passing trade. I had also just returned from five years in Australia so I didn't have a customer base to count on. Galway city has hairdressing salons at every turn so we had to be different.

But I had an idea – or a light bulb moment – about how I wanted the business to be, and I was willing to take the risk. I had planned to create a space that is comfortable and relaxing to customers, somewhere they can switch off while receiving amazing hair treatment. I started designing the salon with an old shed country house theme in mind. I bought seven old doors from a old farmhouse and upcycled them to make our hairdressing stations. I have a kitchen table in the middle of the salon and a shed as our staff room. We also have an old country dresser as our product displays. It all makes for a colourful and quirky salon.

Social media has been a huge help for us as we realised that it was a great way to get our name out there – posting pictures of our work and our space drew our clientele to us. The other focus of our work has been great customer service and beautiful hair. We are now a team of four and have been nominated for three awards in our first year. I'm delighted that I followed through on my lightbulb moment. My only regret is not getting a bigger space as we are now at full staff capacity – the only solution is open more Head Shed salons!


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