Lightbulb Moments | "Many small lights created a widening glow of security for us & our employees"

Some years back it was evident that the world was coming to an end – commercially – for some. Printers are usually the first to be dropped in a downturn because if you are not doing business, you are not writing invoices and using stationery. With this in mind and because after 27 years in business and having been through four minor recessions, we knew the kind of challenges a downturn brings. We set about being as flexible as possible in the way we were serving customers. Many printers with 'stuck in the mud' traditions went to the wall. With staff having a retail background and being a trained print environment, we at Excel Print set about looking at our strengths and weaknesses.

With ongoing employee consultations we engaged in providing our customers with additional services which would complement and enhance what we do. We introduced wide format printing, larger size laminating, email, fax, and short run books and magazines which the big boys could not touch, and which needed no demarcation in deploying staff skills. We expanded our shop facilities and engaged in radio and social media advertising and implemented ongoing changes. Our lightbulb moment was not so much a spotlight but many small lights which created a widening glow of security for us and our employees. We did not lose anyone, we added staff during a recession.  Our biggest advantage today: great staff who smile.


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