Limerick sees City of Culture title bring in almost €44m


Limerick has benefited from the "National City of Culture" title to the tune of almost €44m.

The figure has emerged in an economic impact assessment published today by Grant Thornton.

More than 3,000 events took place in Limerick in 2014 as part of 156 projects, with an estimated audience of 1.8 million people.

The Royal De Luxe Giant's Journey (Granny's visit) in September 2014 attracted the largest audience ever assembled in Limerick for a single event - 230,000 people.

They were aimed at showcasing Limerick as a vibrant city with a rich cultural community.

The programme cost €12m, with additional government investment of €4.5m.

A separate social impact study also revealed 364 new local partnerships were formed, and 2,504 Limerick artists were employed in various projects as a result of the year.

Its key findings include:

  • 156 funded projects took place with 85 more supported in kind
  • 1,630 performances and 2,589 exhibition days took place
  • An estimated 1.8 million attendances
  • 236,600 tickets issued
  • 140 funded projects in Limerick City with 15 funded projects in Co Limerick
  • 80% of people surveyed had attended an event or seen an exhibition while 73% of residents of Co Limerick surveyed had attended an event or seen an exhibition
  • 74% of people surveyed said they had attended The Giant’s Journey - 'The Granny'
  • 86% agreed people have good memories of Limerick National City of Culture
  • 83% agreed that they enjoyed Limerick National City of Culture
  • 8,437 school children took part in 805 workshops
  • 216,831 people from community groups participated in 52 projects
  • 49 projects addressed different aspects of diversity
  • 364 new local partnerships 2,504 Limerick artists were employed 2,508 volunteers worked on 135 projects

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