Mark Zuckerberg plans to code Iron Man-style AI system for his home


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says he plans to build artificial intelligence to help him out around the house in 2015.

In a post on the social networking site, he said his personal challenge this year will be to build a "simple AI" that responds to his voice and recognises his friends' faces when they ring the doorbell.

The tech entrepreneur also hopes that he will be able to use AI to monitor his newly-born son's room when he is alone.

He wrote, "I'm looking forward to sharing what I learn over the course of the year," adding that the theme of the project is "invention."

"This should be a fun intellectual challenge to code this for myself," he continued.

The CEO said that if he is successful the technology will be similar to "Jarvis" Iron Man's computerised virtual assistant in the Marvel comic and film series.

His says that the first step in this project will be to explore existing AI technology.

In his post, Mr Zuckerburg adds that his project which hopes to bring the internet to remote regions which are currently offline, Facebook's VR Oculus product, and expanding Facebook Messenger are his other main projects at the start of 2016.

This is the latest in a string of New Year's commitments, which have also included reading two books per month for a year, learning Mandarin and a commitment to meet a new person every day for a year.

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