Netflix's latest feature 'Flixtapes' hopes to change the way you bingewatch


Playlists and mixtapes are a more familiar sight when it comes to music, but in an effort to change the way you bingewatch, Netflix are bringing them to video.

Their new service, 'Flixtapes', allows you to pull together a number of episodes of shows across different series on the service, and then share it. 

The playlist service launched with a number of pre-set mixes, including a 'Documentaries Flixtape', 'The Kiss and Tell Flixtape' and 'The Summertimes Flixtape'.

Users can also make their own mixes and choose to share them with their friends, or post them to social media. 

The playlists will work differently to their counterparts on music streaming services however, giving users a preview of the series or TV show instead of automatically playing full episodes.

Viewers who want to try out the new feature without getting too involved can try the 'Made for You' feature, which suggests playlist based on your viewing history, or can choose the 'Inspire Me' option if you're having trouble putting together a playlist on your own. 

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