New Irish mobile operator will spark "price war" for customers


A new mobile operator here is set to spark a price war, according to mobile plan recommendation service KillBiller.

It says the new mobile operator, iD, will deliver "significant savings" to Irish mobile users.

iD - who are part of the Carphone Warehouse Group - is set to be the most competitive 4G network on launch, being the cheapest operator for over 75% of 4G customers.

A new report says the introduction of the new operator will significantly shake up the Irish mobile market.

KillBiller analysed a database of over 15,000 Irish mobile users and over 350 plans as part of the report.

Source: Killbiller

It says iD will have most impact on the 4G network, and that over three-in-four Irish smartphone users (76.2%) will find the best priced 4G plan with iD. 

Its closest competitor in the 4G space will be Three, who will have the cheapest 4G plan for 14.3% of users.

"When you consider both 3G and 4G, iD will be the best value for just under one in three Irish smartphone users", it says.

Tesco Mobile is the cheapest overall for four-in-ten users - but none of the Tesco Mobile plans include 4G data.

Vodafone is the most expensive operator on 3G and 4G; it is only best value for 1.8% of users. 

Bart Lehane from KillBiller told Newstalk Breakfast whatever their operator, this is good news for customers.

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