Nintendo gains more than Apple from Apple's launch


The share price of Nintendo jumped by 13% in Japan overnight  following the announcement at the Apple launch in San Francisco that one of its top selling games, Super Mario Run, will be available on iPhones and iPads from the Apple Store from December.

Apple’s share price nudged just over half a percent higher following the launch to $108.3.

As it concedes ground in the console market, the firm is now firmly embracing the highly lucrative mobile gaming market. While Mario Run will initially be exclusively available to Apple users an Android version will follow.

The game will be the first incarnation of the iconic series which it will be possible to play with one hand.

It will also include options to compete against your friends and online players. The app will have one upfront fee to access the full game - it will feature no in-app purchases.

Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto made the announcement at the Apple event.

It has also been announced that Nintendo's Pokemon Go will be released on the Apple Watch. Nintendo plans to unveil more mobile titles early in 2017.

Jseph Conroy, 

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