Plan to re-brand Dublin as a city break destination will benefit whole country


The Tourism Minister says a new initiative to increase the number of visitors to Dublin will have a knock on effect on the rest of the country.

A new million euro campaign to re-brand the capital as a tourist destination will include a new logo for the city. Minister Paschal Donohoe this morning told Newstalk Breakfast that the Government hope to position Dublin as one of Europe’s top city break destinations, and “explaining Dublin in a new way to people who are not currently visiting Ireland” and show that the capital is “a modern contemporary European city located beside the mountains and on the bay.”

From here says the aim is to get tourists to Dublin first in the hopes that they will travel to other parts of Ireland from there.

“Our research shows that when we get people to come to Dublin we have a far greater chance of them being able to access the rest of our country - get them to Dublin first and then they'll be spread beyond Dublin,” he said.

The campaign will be part funded by the private sector, the Minister said.

Despite Dublin being a major tourist attraction in summer months, it fails to attract weekend break tourists from across Europe, the minister said.

“Even though Dublin is doing very well for us at the moment ... if we compare to other cities people go to for city breaks ... they do better than we do as advertising our city as an overall brand,” he said.

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