Robotic assisted surgery will arrive into Beacon Hospital this December


Beacon Hospital has announced details of their new multidisciplinary robotic assisted surgery. The machine will assist in minimally invasive surgeries from December of this year. 

Patients undergoing surgery for a wide range of conditions at Beacon Hospital will soon be able to receive their treatment at the hands of a surgeon-directed and controlled robot. The 'da Vinci Robotic surgical system' allows for greater precision in dissection by using a minimally invasive access technique.

It is the latest in a number of advanced technologies to be announced at Beacon Hospital, following the agreement of a €20 million Managed Equipment Solution (MES) contract with GE Healthcare last November.

Surgical robotic assistants are most commonly used in prostate procedures, but this robot will be used by a multidisciplinary team of surgeons at the Beacon Hospital including urology, gynaecology, cardiac thoracic, colorectal and general surgery.

Mr Michael Murphy, Medical Director at Beacon Hospital and Consultant Urologist, said robotic-assisted surgery supports the best possible outcomes for patients. 

“The da Vinci Robot is a phenomenal piece of equipment and we are very excited to be introducing it at Beacon Hospital. The robotic system gives surgeons a magnified, three-dimensional view of the area requiring surgery. It is the ultimate minimally invasive, key hole surgery, with greater precision. This results in less pain and scarring, and ultimately quicker recover times for patients and return to normal activity."

This device has already brought minimally invasive surgery to more than 3 million patients worldwide. It will be available at Beacon Hospital before the end of the year.

Jessica Kelly, 

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