Robots are going to steal our jobs


A new British report says that 15 million UK jobs face a "high or medium risk" of being replaced by robots and machines in the next 20 years.

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) says that modern economies are reaching 'peak-human' and that more and more roles will be automated in coming years.

"Brexit is the firing gun on a decade of disruption. As the UK negotiates its new place in the world, an accelerating wave of economic, social and technological change will reshape the country, in often quite radical ways," the report states.

Will Smith in I, Robot

It adds that, "Exponential improvements in new technologies – computing power, machine learning, artificial intelligence systems, automation, autonomous vehicles, health and resource technologies, and the Internet of Things, among others – are expected to radically transform social and economic life. These changes have the potential to create an era of widespread abundance, or a second machine age that radically concentrates economic power.

"Which path we take – a future between Star Trek and The Matrix – will depend on the type of politics and institutions we build."

It believes that AI entities will start to appear on company boards, 3D printed human organs will be created by 2025, and that 30% of 'white collar' jobs in the workforce will be under threat.

The institute, which Business Insider describes as 'left leaning,' warns that these developments will coincide with major demographic shifts as the British population grows older.

It also believes that the center of global power will move east in the coming years.

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