Ronaldo to invest €40m in a new business venture as he plans for life after football


Christiano Ronaldo is to invest close to €40m in the Pestana Hotel Group, his native Portugal’s largest hotel and leisure company.

His investment will part-fund a €75m joint venture development with Pestana of four new hotels with the CR7 logo, in Madrid, New York, Lisbon and on Ronaldo’s native island of Madeira

At a press conference, Ronaldo said the investment was the biggest project of his life and was designed to take care of his own future and that of his son.

"My job is to play football, but life won't always be like this," the Real Madrid star said, "I have to dedicate myself to this new project and I have the best team in the world around me.

"I am young but I feel very fulfilled so this project is exciting for me. I'm thinking about my future, and my son and my family," the 30-year old added, indicating that he is thinking beyond his playing career.

"I'll take care of the beds," he responded when he was asked what input he will have in the development of these properties. He described the deal as a "dream come true" in a post on his official Facebook page.

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