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With the recent influx of forward-thinking tech companies into Ireland, CVs featuring pages and pages of details stretching back to the swimming badges you won in primary school are being ditched for more American-style resumes.

The virtues of the punchy, one-page approach were illustrated by Novoresumethis week, as they put together a sparse, hypothetical document for Tesla founder Elon Musk.

With the likes of Tesla Motors, SpaceX and SolarCity keeping him busy these days, Musk is unlikely to be looking for employment any time soon, but the lesson was clear: if an innovative billionaire can fit his career on one page, so can you.

Check it out here or expand (but maybe think twice about all those boastful skills bars)...

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Around the turn of the century, a resume for the late Steve Jobs was posted on his old personal page, as a promotional demonstration of iTools' Homepage features.

Essentially an ad for an Apple product, it nevertheless contains a few great lines...

Those promotional attempt aside, there are a few 100% genuine resumes from big names in tech and politics to be found online, naturally dating back to much earlier in their careers.

A college-age Bill Gates, for example, put the below together in 1974.

Aiming for a future as a "systems analyst or system programmer", he probably didn't foresee Microsoft's massive success. As such, he wasn't too pushy about his pay...

Photo: LivingComputers

Fast-forwarding 20 years, one Sergey Brin couldn't boast about co-founding Google on his online resume quite yet.

He was, however, a Stanford University student with a sense of humour. Hidden in the page's code was this message:


Objective: A large office, good pay, and very little work. Frequent expense-account trips to exotic lands would be a plus.–>

Stepping away from the tech world, we've also an example of US presidentialBernie Sanders' resume-writing skills when he was still merely the mayor of Burlington, Vermont.

He certainly kept things brief, but the people at Novoresume would likely take issue with kickstarting the whole thing talking about how he was "divorced" with "one son" and in "excellent health"...

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