Siri creators about to unveil 'next level' AI assistant


Viv, the AI assistant anticipated to be a superior version of Siri, will get its world debut next week.

Viv should make everything from booking a taxi to ordering takeaway significantly easier. For example, a food order would now involve just telling Viv where you want food from and your specific order - no forms, phone calls or apps required.

The bot comes from the minds of Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer, who were previously involved in the creation of Apple's Siri.

This time around, they don't want to restrict the AI to one device or company. Viv is set to find its way into everything from cars to TVs, with Viv Labs already partnered with approximately 50 other companies, including Uber and GrubHub.

Talking to the Washington Post, Viv's chief executive Dag Kittlaus said:

"It’s about taking the way that humans have naturally interacted with each other for thousands of years and applying that to the way they interact with services. Everyone knows how to hold a conversation".

The personal assistance shows off its capabilities at a major industry conference on Monday.

Over the past year alone, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon have all made significant investments into virtual assistant software. Both Google and Facebook have apparently also made bids to buy Viv.

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