Social Print Studio: Put your photos on display


Our smartphones ensure we never leave our homes without a camera. This, in turn, means we're capturing more images than ever before but when was the last time you held a printed photo in your hand? Technology makes it so easy to print our photos, but there's one service I'd recommend if you want to make your images stand out. 

Social Print Studio is an American company that allow users to upload images and delivers stunningly beautiful prints, direct to your door.

These square images from SocialPrintStudio make for gorgeous gifts and are stunning to hang on a wall. Customers can order prints from their social media channels, or upload from a device. A set of 24 images, plus delivery to Ireland, costs €26. This may sound pricey, but the high quality products are, in my opinion, worth it.

I've been a SocialPrintStudio customer for more than two years now, ordering images from them every six months or so. I have gifted prints to people and have put together a photo-collage wall in my apartment that makes me incredibly happy. 


The only thing to be wary of, when order from this company, is that delivery to Ireland can take up to 4 weeks. This isn't a big deal for me, but it's worth bearing in mind if you're intending to give the images as a gift.

Jessica Kelly,

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