'South Park' creators rework entire episode in hours after predicting Clinton win


The American animated show South Park is well known for taking no prisoners when it comes to its topical satire, with creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker working to incredibly tight deadlines to deliver episodes that skewer the most recent news events. And it seems that even they were trumped by the outcome of the US Presidential election, having pulled and completely reworked Wednesday night’s episode in a matter of hours.

Following the surprise election of Donald Trump, South Park’s creative team were forced to revise the most recent episode’s storylines to account for the Republican’s win. The episode, originally entitled The Very First Gentleman, a nod to Bill Clinton, was re-titled Oh Jeez, the familiar catchphrase of Mr Garrison, who has spent the best part of two seasons standing in as the show’s Donald Trump surrogate.

With Mr Garrison now elected US President, the show appears to be doubling down on its season-long arc that explores the treatment of women in the US today, with Hillary Clinton threatening revenge on men – and online trolls – everywhere. Meanwhile, the citizens of the Colorado town continue to succumb to the thrall of nostalgia, with Stone and Parker skewering a love of America’s golden days as the reason for the surge in Trump’s support.

The Oh Jeez episode of South Park's 20th season will air on Irish TV on Comedy Central on Friday.

James Dempsey, Newstalk.com 

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