Superfans redesign their kitchen to look exactly like 'The Simpsons' one

Whether or not they’ll be winning friends with the salads they produce from their kitchen, Canadian couple Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton have paid a culinary tribute to The Simpsons by renovating their kitchen to just like the Evergreen Terrace one on the show.

The Calgary couple, who wanted to create a retro looking kitchen when redesigning, opted to replicate the one seen in 26 seasons of The Simpsons. Starting with the corn-cob curtains, sourced online, the pair then moved on to a new floor, recreating the blue and yellow linoleum.

Their ‘retrovation’ then saw the pair cover their cabinets and appliances with contact paper to emulate the designs of the Simpsons, with lavender countertops clashing ever so slightly with their olive-green gas hob and oven and fridge.

The couple says they hope to complete the job with new appliances, and based on the success of their new kitchen, they may consider recreating Moe’s Tavern in their basement.


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