Taoiseach opens new digital-led news hub


Taoiseach Enda Kenny has opened the new digital-led news hub at Independent News & Media's offices on Dublin's Talbot Street.

The new centralised news hub will facilitate the management of editorial and content for the Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, The Herald, Sunday World and Independent.ie.

The development of the centralised newsdesk follows an examination of the editorial systems in Talbot Street and has been accompanied by a re-design of the newsroom.
A key benefit of the new model is that reporting from the shared newsroom are now available across all titles, the company said today.
At the same time, the editors of each title retain full independence, with core journalistic teams on each title and significant resources to commission, produce and direct content for their respective newspapers.
"The world of media is changing fast - it is difficult to predict what it will be like in 20 years time in terms of the written word," Mr Kenny said.
"The way [INM] is moving ahead, you may be set to reach people's minds in a way that has not been thought of yet.
"Being fair and objective is what people want. In this business [journalism], if you are ultra-sensitive then you shouldn't be here in the first place," he added.
Mr Kenny added that looking forward, the amalgamation of print and digital is where a media company needs to be.
Stephen Rae, Group Editor-in-Chief, Independent News & Media said: “We studied the best newsrooms across the globe and the content hub we’ve developed here was specifically designed for INM. The launch of the ‘platform neutral’ newsroom follows a period of considerable change for the editorial team in Talbot Street.  Our journalists and digital team have risen to the challenge and are delivering top quality journalism across all our platforms from the central newsroom.
“Our online and editorial teams now operate from the one floor. This mix of journalists and digital experts in the one space will drive our technology focus and lead to the best online offering available,” he said.

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