Tech firms dominate 2015 top 100 brands rankings


Interbrand has published its ranking of the world's top 100 brands - Apple has continued to ride the iPhone 6 wave, holding on to the top spot for the third year running.

In fact, the top 6 remains unchanged from last year - Apple is followed by Google, Coca Cola, IBM, Microsoft and General Electric.

Technology and automotive brands dominate this year’s ranking, holding a combined 28 positions. Tech companies account for 34% of the total value of the 100 brands listed by Interbrand.

Apple has broken market value records since the iPhone 6 was launched - Interbrand values Apple at $170.3bn, this represents a 21% annual increase. 

Five new brands entered this year’s ranking: Lego (#82), PayPal (#97), MINI (#98), Moët & Chandon (#99), and Lenovo (#100).

Lenovo is the second Chinese brand to appear on the ranking - fellow electronics company Huawei (#88) entered the ranking in 2014.

The index uses a number of criteria - company's financial services, the role the brand plays in influencing customer choice, and the ability of brands to command premium prices.

Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s Global Chief Executive Officer commented on the poll's findings:

"The Best Global Brands report examines what it takes for brands to succeed in today’s hyper-fragmented world. As people demand immediate, personalized and tailored experiences, business and brands need to move at the speed of life.

"Many of the brands in this year’s Top 100 are so intuitively aligned with people’s priorities, that they are able to seamlessly integrate into their everyday lives."

The Best Global Brands, top 20:

  1. Apple ($170.3bn)
  2. Google ($120.3bn)
  3. Coca-Cola ($78.4bn)
  4. Microsoft ($67.7bn)
  5. IBM ($65.1bn)
  6. Toyota ($49bn)
  7. Samsung ($45.3bn)
  8. GE ($42.3bn)
  9. McDonald's ($39.8bn)
  10. Amazon ($37.9bn)
  11. BMW ($37.2bn)
  12. Mercedes-Benz ($36.7bn)
  13. Disney ($36.5bn)
  14. Intel ($35.4bn)
  15. Cisco ($29.9bn)
  16. Oracle ($27.3bn)
  17. Nike ($23.1bn)
  18. HP ($23.1bn)
  19. Honda ($23bn)
  20. Louis Vuitton ($22.3bn)

Here is the full top 100.

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