The future of mobile internet gets a logo


While some parts of Ireland are still waiting to fully embrace 4G technology, the groups of telecommunications associations known as 3GPP have officially announced that 5G will become the official name of the next generation of mobile connectivity.

It has also been confirmed that 5G will succeed 4G technologies such as LTE and LTE-Advanced. As part of this announcement, the official logo for the new technology was revealed.


“The use of the 5G logo on 3GPP specification cover sheets is intended to help the industry to identify at which point in time 5G features will appear. It will be used on the relevant 5G Phase 1 specifications in Release 15 (Complete by late 2018) and then the 5G Phase 2, Release 16 specifications - for completion in 2020,” says 3GPP.


A recent report from the National Infrastructure Commission stated, "5G means seamless connectivity. Ultra-fast, ultra-reliable, ultra-high capacity transmitting at super low latency. It will support the ever larger data requirements of the existing network and new applications from augmented reality to connected vehicles and the Internet of Things, and much more, as unknowable today as the 4G services we take for granted would have been a decade ago."

Jessica Kelly, 

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