The Irish software firm used by Disney are looking for developers to move to Cork


Cork homes tech giants such as Apple, Dell and EMC – but it also boasts a wave of tech start ups, which are on the hunt for new talent. I went to Cork last week to meet with some of the brilliant minds that are innovating and creating the next big thing. 

One of the Cork firms making waves around the world at the moment is The company has three products, which help businesses become more organised. The self-funded company was born out of a consultancy business in 2007, with the founders buying the domain back in 2014 for half a million Euro. 

Since then they have gone from strength to strength and boast an impressive client list featuring the likes of Disney, Spotify and HP, but to name a few. 

Speaking to me last week in Cork, Coppinger said they are looking to entice developers to come to the city and work for 

"I suppose, in one way, we have Cork exhausted. We're getting a nice, steady trickle of really good developers in but 73 people now, we really need to start looking outside of Cork. We had looked at the option of opening the office Dublin, but there's a lot of competition there, so instead, what we're saying to Dublin developers is 'come to Cork, we'll give you the same wages, but you could actually afford a decent house and your commute to work will be 20 minutes instead of an hour."

Jessica Kelly, 

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