Lightbulb Moment | "The risk of not doing seemed greater than the risk of doing"


St Mel’s Brewing Company was established in January 2013 but the story started long before that in the summer of 2010. Liam Hanlon and I, both Longford natives, had been friends since our college days in Maynooth University. Liam had studied biotechnology and went on to gain a masters in brewing and distillation while I had studied history and completed a masters in business management. In June 2010, I was getting married and Liam had donated the beer for the festivities as a wedding gift. Both of us were based in Dublin and dealing with the daily grind of working long hours, plus Liam had recently become engaged. With the prospect of settling down and starting a family in Dublin, the talk at the bar turned to our future prospects. The choices were simple: stay in Dublin with the associated mortgage and living costs or emigrate. However, as the beer kegs were being emptied, a third choice emerged. How about moving home and starting a brewery? Liam can make the beer and I can sell it. Simple, right? Well it turned out to be a bit more complicated than that but with huge support from family, friends and the local community, St Mel’s Brewing Company is in its fourth year of production and growing steadily. It all goes back to the conversation that night and the light bulb moment where the risk of not doing seemed greater than the risk of doing.*

*St Mel’s Brewing Company does not recommend following through on all drunken conversations. Enjoy alcohol responsibly!

Attribute pic to Michael Croghan (Caption: Eoin Tynan and Liam Hanlon)


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