The Rolling Donut hopes to open more Dublin stores


Tourists dropped into the centre of Dublin would be mistaken for thinking that the Irish might have invented the doughnut (we didn't) - as colourful doughnut shops have popped up at key retail locations across the city centre.

Rolling Donut, Aungier Danger, Krust and The Dublin Doughnut Company have been leading the charge and indulging treat-seekers across the city.

While most of these companies are new to the scene - the Rolling Donut first started operating in the late 1970s, as Michael Quinlan discovered the deep-fried delicacy on a trip to London and started selling doughnuts at Dublin's Dandelion Market and at events across the country (that's where the Rolling part of the name came from).

The company now has three outlets in Dublin's city centre. Its managing director Lisa Quinlan spoke to Newstalk's Down to Business and revealed that the company still thinks there is demand for more doughnut shops in the city - she hopes The Rolling Donut will open "a couple more places in Dublin."

Lisa and her sister Aimee are bringing the brand to a new generation, while their father still runs the iconic O'Connell St shop.

Rolling Donut recently moved all of its baking activity to a facility in Park West - ferrying their output into the city centre throughout the day.

Baker Alan Power says this ensures that doughnuts are fresh, while taking "the chaos" out of its shops.

They also use this kitchen to brainstorm and experiment with new recipes and creative filling combinations.

Counting calories

Dublin's doughnut obsession comes at a time when eating 'clean and lean' is the other prevailing high street food trend.

Lisa says that fitness and treats can co-exist, adding that many people, "Work hard in the gym all week and allow themselves treat once or twice a week," she told Bobby Kerr - that's where Rolling Donut hopes to step in. 

The company recently released a vegan doughnut and it is exploring the possibility of launching a gluten free one in the future.

Away from traditional retail - these snacks have also become a go-to for businesses - its corporate sales "tripled overnight" with one employee now managing this side of the operation full time.

Joseph Conroy, 

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