Kickstart Your Business: The Visual Time Traveller


It is the turn of Alison Hackett to get her business, 'The Visual Time Traveller', kickstarted on the Right Hook.
Shane standing in for George this week and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were on hand to give the business a kickstart.

The Business Idea
With a background in maths and physics, Alison has always been fascinated with the role played by the sciences in the development of the world.
She developed The Visual Time Traveller project in order to present major milestones in world history in a way that would appeal to viewers in a not sure what this means should it be in a whole number of new ways?what she describes as a mix of eye candy and brain food.
Every page you land on has a different visual. It’s a book but also has exhibitions in pop up shops with talks to further engage those interested.

Gers Tips and Advice      
Alison has achieved something education doesn’t do- the portrayal of how things happened; the interaction between scientists, artists, politics etc. is really conveyed. It understands that history is not studied in isolation, all these movements were occurring.
Ger explains that it is a premium book with a premium price tag! Huge investment put into the design of the images. He highlights that Alison’s target audience is broad at the moment and needs to look at narrowing this down.

There are opportunities for the exhibitions etc, however Ger explains that she needs to identify what is the core product, who are the target audience, how can she reach them and what steps can she take. There is huge R&D in this, the medium of paper is classic. The website is brilliant; the website needs work on how to cut to the chase on how you can buy it!

About the Visual Time Traveller
  • Each page is a 5 year time period
  • Alison has included 12 facts that happened during this period
  • 59 euro for the regular book and a special edition for 95 euro
For more information about the product:

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