Top Tips for Working on the Go


When working alone or on small team, every second of the day counts and technology can help ensure teams work effectively and efficiently. Here are some suggestions that may help your team collaborate in the office or on the go.
Evernote is a cloud-based notebook. It can help visualise the tasks of the day and prioritise, rather than scribbling notes down on scraps of paper, which are easily lost.
Users can log into Evernote from a computer or download the application from anywhere in the world and access their content. Once signed in it's possible to make to-do lists and keep notes on anything and everything. It’s possible to create collaborative notebooks too, which is great for project work.
Evernote is easily searchable and reduces the amount of notebooks one has on the go. There's a premium version of Evernote available, but the basic offering is excellent. 
A significant portion of a worker’s day can be wasted reading and replying to pointless emails. Using a communications system such as Slack can significantly reduce time an employee spends in their inbox.
Slack is a cross between an email inbox and a social media site. Administrators create teams within the site and then various channels. This becomes a one-stop shop for employees and is easier to manage from an internal communications point of view. It turns a long email chain into a short, live-chat, keeping inbox space free for customers and clients.
MindMup is a great tool for expanding and mapping out ideas. This free tool allows workers to brainstorm and visualise projects and tasks. It’s possible to upload files from DropBox and GoogleDrive too.

You may or may not have heard about the Pomodoro Technique. This is a time management method created by Francesco Crillo. The idea is that users work in 25-minute bursts rather than sitting aimlessly in front of a screen for hours. 
Finally, if one wants to be truly productive, kill pop-up email notifications and any other desktop distractions. Outlook, by default, enables a pop-up notification every time a mail arrives and it is incredibly distracting. Take a moment to disable this function.

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