Toyota can no longer use "The Best Built Cars in the World" as their slogan in Ireland


Toyota says it's baffled by a ruling to prevent it from using the "Best Built Cars in the World" marketing campaign.

In a statement released today, the car manufacturer says the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland has decided to uphold a complaint - filed on behalf of Volkswagen - which was later withdrawn.

Steve Tormey, the CEO of Toyota Ireland commented: “We are absolutely bemused by this ruling from the ASAI and their refusal to allow an appeal. It would appear to us they are dancing on a pin head as regards the use of the English language and common sense, particularly given that the independent automotive industry expert commissioned by the ASAI expressed the viewpoint that the proposition had been substantiated in relation to the ‘Best Built Mass Produced Cars in the World.’"

Toyota says the ruling has been made despite the industry expert commissioned by the ASAI substantiating their claims.

It comes as new figures show nearly 83,000 new cars were sold in Ireland in the first three months of this year.

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