Toyota enters the wearable market with a device for the visually impaired


Car manufacturer Toyota is entering the wearable game, but their first device is not what some might expect. What is being called “Project Blaid” will see the motoring giants produce a wearable that will help the visually impaired navigate indoor spaces by providing information about their surroundings.

By wearing the Blaid device those with visual impairments could function without a guide dog or relying on particular sounds. Blaid will be able to identify bathrooms, escalators and doors.

The Blaid is worn around the shoulders and comes with cameras which communicate the information to the wearer via speakers and vibration motors. It is possible for users to interact with the device using voice recognition.

Chief Administrative Officer Simon Nagata said in a statement:

“Project Blaid is one example of how Toyota is leading the way to the future of mobility, when getting around will be about more than just cars. We want to extend the freedom of mobility for all, no matter their circumstance, location or ability.”

Toyota employees are working with the company to “teach” their device how to recognise various obstacles by submitting videos of common indoor landmarks.

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