Twitter lets Vine live as updated Vine Camera


It looked like it was going to be the biggest casualty of Twitter’s recent business uncertainty, but now Vine is set to live again.

At least a little bit of it.

Twitter have confirmed that Vine, the 6 second video sharing app, will not be completely shut down as thought. Instead, the sharing service part of it will cease to be and the app will be updated in January to become Vine Camera.

You’ll still be able to shoot your looping 6 second videos, but rather than sharing them to Vine’s own social network, they’ll go straight to Twitter.


The videos you capture in Vine Camera will also save to your devices camera roll, meaning you’re not entirely stuck within the Twitter ecosystem, you could still post to video to Facebook, Instagram, or any service or app of your choice.

Before it’s completely updated to Vine Camera, the current Vine app will get new settings to let you merge your Vine and Twitter profiles properly, setting up a much easier transition of profiles between those apps.

Twitter announced back in October that it was going to shut down Vine after making sweeping changes across the company following major management issues over the last few months.

Kevin Kelly, 

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