Up your #Hashtag game with little effort


Like it or not, hashtags are an important part of Instagram. It can be difficult to add in appropriate tags or to leave out sarcastic ones. The inclusion of the correct hashtags can lead to extra likes and more followers. 

But let's be honest here, life is just too short. There is a way, however, to take the hassle out of it. 

Rahul Chowdhury, founder of Upcurve Labs, has developed an application called Magnify, which does the hashtagging for you. The app is currently only available for Android devices and is still being developed and improved.  

How it works:

Users download "Magnify for Instagram" app from the Android Play Store, giving it permission to access images stored on the device. Here's how Chowdhurycame up with the idea, and gives a step-by-step guide to using the app/  

"Firstly, I curated some great hashtags for each photo category like NatureTravelFood, etc.

Then I jumped into Android to handle the rest of the solution. Android has a feature called Accessibility Service which is designed to assist disabled people in using an Android device. I tapped into that feature to automate this mundane task for everyone using Instagram on Android.

In a gist, this is how it works,

  • You install the app on your phone, and turn on the Accessibility Service for the app
  • You select a photo in the Instagram app as you would normally do, apply any filters if you want, proceed
  • Now, while typing the caption, you type the magical word magnify_keyword. For example, magnify_urbanmagnify_naturemagnify_food, etc.
  • Give a space and voila, all tags related to the keyword are automatically placed there

This removes all the step that you would normally do, such as copying and pasting the tags, while keeping you in the normal Instagram photo sharing flow."

Jessica Kelly, Newstalk.com 

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