Vice Media expanding into over 50 countries


Shane Smith, the CEO of Vice Media, has announced his company's plans to either enter or expand their presence in 51 territories as part of a major international push by the every-growing digital media name.

Vice has secured content and distribution deals with seven groups as it enters Africa, south-east Asia and the Middle East and ramps up its television presence.

Its Viceland TV channel will now be available in 44 countries.

At the Cannes Lions advertising festival on Wednesday, Smith said:

"Earlier this year it was widely reported that I announced that we would launch Viceland in 12 countries in 12 months and that is not true.

"We will in fact be launching in 44 countries – for those keeping score that’s less than four months in– making Viceland the fastest growing television network in history."

Vice had already confirmed in March that Sky subscribers in Ireland and the UK would be getting the 24-hour Viceland from September.

Australia will get a free-to-air Viceland later this year through a deal with broadcaster SBS, while New Zealand will get it through Sky's basic subscription package.

Smith sees the medium as perfect for Vice's youthful audience, saying:

"Millennials are coming back to TV. The actual demo that people say is leaving TV is coming back to TV because of our demo."

With India boasting the largest millennial population in the world, Vice has partnered with the Times of India group to launch mobile and digital services, as well as a pay-TV channel in the country.

A deal in sub-Saharan Africa with Econet Media will bring Viceland to the likes of Kenya and Nigeria by the end of the year.

The Dubai-based Moby media group will also help the company reach the Middle East, whilst Viceland will launch in 18 countries in south-east Asia.

Craig Fitzpatrick, 

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