Visa expands contactless payments, as Irish demand surges


Irish consumers are making one contactless transaction every second, according to Visa Europe.

The credit card company says more than two million of these are made every month.

It also says that the contactless payment limit on Visa cards will increase to €30 from October 31st. The firm adds that the average Visa contactless purchase value made is €7.92.

"Consumers are increasingly opting to make contactless payments for everyday items due to faster transaction times and the convenience of not having to take cash out of an ATM for purchases", Visa Europe says.

Adoption and usage of contactless cards in Europe continues to grow - most recently marked by more than one billion transactions across Europe in the last 12 months.

It is now an expected standard of payment across Europe - with Irish Visa cardholders making contactless transactions in 70 foreign destinations.

While tourists from 54 countries made a contactless payment using their Visa card in Ireland.

Conor Langford, Irish country manager for Visa Europe, says: "Contactless payments continue to go from strength to strength in Ireland as consumers see them as the fast, easy and secure way to pay".

"We're delighted to move into the next phase of their adoption as we push to make contactless payments ubiquitous".

"This also forms part of our commitment to the Government’s National Payments plan to help boost the number of electronic payments in Ireland, which will enhance our national competitiveness", he adds.

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