WATCH: BrewDog founder and CEO shares some business tips


BrewDog founder and CEO James Watt turned brewing beer from a hobby into his career - his craft beer company has continued to go from strength to strength.

After studying law and economics he decided to pack in a job at a law firm after two weeks because he "hated it."

By Hook or by Crook he later found himself captain of a fishing boat in the North Atlantic - he says that no matter now big a risk his company takes, nothing is quite as "scary" as being out on those boats.

His advice is to find your passion and to hold on tight:

"You've got to something that you're insanely passionate about, whether that's beer or any other business. Setting up a business is so, so tough. You're going to get so many kicks in the teeth, you're going to have so many setbacks, you going to get so many No's.

"You have to find something you absolutely love. Then all the hard work doesn't feel like a job. It feels like it's exactly what you are supposed to be doing," he told Business Insider.

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