WATCH: Jeremy Clarkson introduces Amazon's new delivery drones


Two years after Amazon announced ambitious plans to have fleets of drones offering high speed deliveries, a new video released by the company, starring its big money signing Jeremy Clarkson, demonstrates what the finished 'Prime Air' service might look like.

The new design has eight propellers, wings and a "pusher motor" - it can fly up to 15 miles away and offers 30 minute deliveries.



This hybrid design works like a mix between a helicopter and an aeroplane, it has propellors to take off and land - while using the pusher motor to cruise once it is in the air.

It can reach up to 55 miles per hour and uses sense-and-avoid technology to dodge potential obstacles.

"One day, seeing Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road," an Amazon spokesperson said.

The company says that this is one of a number of designs which it is working on to operate in different environments to deal with different types of orders.

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