WATCH: See how the world's most complicated wrist watch is put together


Whether or not you still wear a wrist watch in the day and age of the smartphone, getting a nice one will still set you back a pretty penny. Particularly if you want to strap a FP Journegrande sonnerie to your arm.

The watch, considered one of the most complicated in the world, makes a chime to indicate the hour and time. Hodinkee reveals all the steps involved when piecing together the ‘FP Journe Sonnerie Souveraine’ and it's a stunning video. Here is Hodinkee explaining just what makes building the watch’s clockworks so tricky:

Quickly – for anyone that doesn't know what a sonnerie is, it is a watch with an active striking mechanism that chimes the quarters and hours without activation from the user. A grande sonnerie strikes the hours and the quarters each quarter. So, at 3:15, with a grande sonnerie, you would hear three chimes (dongs) for the hours, and then one strike (ding dong) for the first quarter. At 3:30, you would again hear three chimes for the hours, and then two strikes for two quarters.

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