WATCH: To bag an interview at Dyson, you need to crack the first of four hidden codes


While for any engineer or product designer a position at the Dyson company would be a dream job, the company is only seeking to employ those who like to approach job postings like Robert Langdon. The firm, founded by designer James Dyson, has done away with application forms and instead has hidden a series of puzzles on the Internet, starting with a head-scratcher hidden in plain view in a video on the Dyson website.

The video, which the voiceover reveals is dedicated to igniting a spark in the imagination of “rethinkers” worldwide, is just the first step, with a secret code contained within its flash animations. Those with the skills to get past this first hurdle have three more, each which will be made available over the coming days. Only those who figure out all four will be given the chance to visit the Dyson headquarters in Malmesbury, Wilshire, and an interview with chief executive Max Conze.

According to Dyson, the puzzles are open to anyone who is about to join university, already in third-level education, and recent graduates. The unusual approach to recruitment is part of a scheme to hire 3,000 engineers over the next four years as Dyson doubles it workforce.

Take a look at the video embedded below to see if you can figure it out and progress to stage two:

James Dempsey, 

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