What's your speed? Netflix launches new Internet speed checker


Netflix has launched a new, easy to use website, which allows users to find out what speed their Internet connection offers.

The site works on mobile and desktop devices, anywhere in the world. To find out what speed you're receiving, simply visit Fast.com and watch it run. It then displays your result. Here's mine:

Using Netflix servers, fast.com works like other globally available tools including speedtest.net, and the results should be similar in most cases.

Speaking about the new service, David Fullagar, vice president of content delivery architecture at Netflix said

"This consumer speed test is different than our Netflix ISP Speed Index. Fast.com measures your personal Internet connection at any given time. The speed index measures average monthly speeds of actual Netflix streams during prime time hours. Like the cellular data controls we recently introduced, fast.com is another tool consumers can use for greater insight and control of their Internet service."

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