When is the exact moment the afternoon slump kicks in?


If you've ever found yourself experiencing a post-lunch slump at work you're not alone, and now we know the exact moment when most of us are starting to think about home.

A survey of 2,000 workers in the UK has found that the most "hit the wall" at 2.22pm in their workday.

The study, commissioned by Get More Vitamin Drinks, stated that most people experience a dip in productivity and concentration at this point three days a week.

A lack of sleep, a warm office, dehydration, eating too much at lunch and the thought of heavy workloads were cited as the chief reasons for the slump.

Over three-quarters of workers noticed their colleagues crashing at the same time as them, while three in 10 admitted they have been caught avoiding their work as a result.

The most common consequences of the slump included sending emails to the wrong people, getting befuddled in a meeting, calling someone by the wrong name and making mistakes in important documents.

The survey found that the average British employee gets up at 6.43am every morning and goes to bed at 10.29pm each night.

A mere one in 10 feel ready to attack the working day when the alarm goes off.

Craig Fitzpatrick, Newstalk.com

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