Who do Ireland's graduates want to work for in 2016?


Irish students dream of being accountants when they grow up - according to a new study of the most desirable companies to work for after leaving college.

'Big Four' accounting firms come in first and second - with KPMG edging out PwC at the top. Deloitte is in joint-six spot while EY is 17th.

Google - last year's poll topper - falls to third while attractive graduate salaries and a growing presence in Ireland land Lidl in fourth.

Teaching and working with the Department of Foreign Affairs are rated as the most desirable public service roles - both make the top 20.

Meanwhile, employers surveyed report that they value academics over experience when it comes to graduate roles.

Some 52.8% consider a 2.1 degree a minimum requirement - while 27% require students to have previous relevant work experience.

Almost 86% of employers say that they take on interns or staff on work experience and 93.5% report that these roles are paid.

Joseph Conroy, Newstalk.com 

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