World leading PR agency ends relationship with coal producers


World leading PR agency Edelman has reportedly decided it will not represent coal producers or those who deny climate change.

The marketing firm boasts that it represents the world's biggest businesses, and promises to pursue an ethical stance on issues of global importance.

But in recent years, their representation of clients who deny climate change has caused them to lose clients.

It is also at odds with the ethical promises the company has made.

From Edelman's website

Now, The Guardian newspaper says Edelman has confirmed to it that climate denial and coal are off the agenda.

They are quoting a number of executives on the issue.

Michael Stewart, the president and chief executive for Europe, told the newspaper: “On climate denial and coal those are where we just said this is absolutely a no-go area,” Michael Stewart, the president and chief executive for Europe, who led the review, told the Guardian.

Stewart also said the company will not support clients who are trying to 'greenwash' or spread misinformation about climate change.

However, it is understood that the company will continue to represent companies involved in Arctic drilling, as well as oil and gas producers.

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