You can now order a Hailo taxi in Google Maps


You can save yourself a few taps and swipes on your phone from today, as Google Maps now allows you to order a ride from Hailo directly through their app.

The new feature is live on both Android and iOS and allows Google Maps users to see estimated availability, price and travel time to the place they're in need of directions for.

The 'Ride Services' tab sits alongside the 'walking' bike', 'car' and 'transit' options in the app interface. The function has been available to customers in the UK and Spain since March.

Hailo's general manager in Ireland said that its addition to Google Maps shows "the key role licensed taxis play as part of Ireland's transport infrastructure."

Hailo launched here in April 2012 and now has over 10,000 registered drivers carrying up to 45,000 passengers a day.

Last month it was announced that a new merger with Daimler's mytaxi will create Europe's largest e-hailing company, with Hailo set to rebrand as mytaxi in Ireland by the middle of 2017.

It means MyTaxi's app features will become available to Irish users, and that they will be able to use their existing app in six additional European countries.

Craig Fitzpatrick, 

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