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Cash for Kilowatts: Powerscourt Hotel & Spa

PICTURE: Energia's Cash for Kilowatts lighting scheme has helped revolutionise Powerscourt Hotel & Spa.

Find out how Energia helped bring Powerscourt Hotel & Spa's extensive complex into the future.

The Powerscourt Hotel & Spa provides an experience of total relaxation to it's customers. From their 200 bedrooms, to their golf courses, the spa and the restaurants, it's all about helping anyone who stays there to kick back and chill out.

You may not think it, but lighting is a huge part of that. Think about it: have you ever found it easy to relax under strip lights? 

Energia provided a discreet, full audit of all the bulbs in the building, and provided insight on potential savings to the hotel. We completed the public work during times of low traffic to lessen the impact on the business.

Powerscourt Hotel & Spa have seen a saving of 1.7 gigawatt on energy usage, reducing energy costs by about €213,000, and reducing their carbon footprint by about 831 tons every year. 
Sound good? Find out more about the Cash for Kilowatts scheme.

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