Marks & Spencer Go Green in Ireland with Energia

November 30

The new renewable electricity contract, effective from April 2010 until 2013, is another major step towards achieving the retailer’s Plan A objective to source or generate 100% ‘green’ electricity for M&S stores, offices and distribution centres in the and Republic of Ireland .

Under the contract, Energia will supply M&S with renewable electricity from a range of wind farms and has 245MW of renewable capacity contracted within its energy portfolio and a further 370MW in its development pipeline to be completed by 2012. The contract also allows for a quantity of the supply to be purchased directly from local independent small-scale generators of renewables, meaning that M&S can continue with its pioneering drive to encourage the development of renewable electricity. 

Mervyn Bowden, Head of Energy Management at Marks & Spencer, said: “Securing this contract with Energia means we can continue to source green electricity equivalent to the amount used by our Republic of Ireland and stores and offices. The contract also strengthens our market-leading commitment to encouraging local small third-party generators, including some of our own suppliers, to develop renewable electricity.”

Gavin McLean, Marks & Spencer Account Manager with Energia said. “Energia and Marks & Spencer have been working together for some time to achieve environment and cost savings.  These initiatives not only benefit Marks & Spencer but the whole community. We are delighted to have extended our supply relationship with Marks and Spencer. Energia has built up significant “green energy” resources over the past number of years and is in a great position to provide the environmentally sustainable power that large organisations like Marks & Spencer need.” 


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