3 Key Reasons Why Energia Is The Cost-Effective Option To Power Your Business

October 30

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3 Key Reasons Why Energia Is The Cost-Effective Option To Power Your Business

We're living through an era of extraordinary economic, environmental and social change, which is creating new challenges and opportunities for businesses.

Key among these - though you may not realise it - is the rapidly changing energy landscape. The dependable but 'dirty' power provided by fossil fuels is increasingly being replaced by greener and cleaner renewables.

Going green can be a badge of honour for businesses, which is why many are turning to energy suppliers that meet their needs on both value - and environmental responsibility.

While big-hitters such as ESB and Board Gais say they are future-proofed and offer great value, Energia – Ireland’s #1 green energy provider – seems to have its finger right on the national pulse.

Here are three reasons why Energia can be the most cost-effective option to power your business.

3. For value, choose Energia

Since 1999, Energia has been at the forefront of supplying power to Irish businesses. More than 60,000 firms here have chosen to get their power from Energia, including more than 25% of the largest gas users in the country.

This popularity didn’t come out of nowhere. For years now, Energia has been supporting SMEs with a dedicated commercial team and trading desk. These experts work with you to understand what really matter for your business, and puts you on the best tariff to suit your needs. So for unbeatable value, on both short and long-term contracts, Energia has you covered.

As customers increasingly expect businesses to operate responsibly, Energia has even more to offer. The business has invested more than €600m in green energy, and currently generates more than 25% of Ireland's wind power. By choosing Energia, you can really showcase your business as being genuinely 'green'.

With the introduction of the new Integrated Single Electricity Market (I-SEM) on the island of Ireland, competition among energy providers is heating up.

With such radical reforms unfolding, it's vital customers choose a supplier with both the experience - and the forward-thinking mindset - to navigate these uncharted waters. Energia can deliver on all fronts, and ensure energy savings are consistently delivered for your business.

2. Future-proofed customer service

No business can afford to become a dinosaur, which is why SMEs are increasingly embracing the latest technologies to thrive in the digital era. Energia recognises the appetite that many SMEs have for innovation, and offers state-of-the-art services that keep you in the know, all the time.

Customers get easy online access to key information, such as meter reads, so they can monitor the accuracy of their bills. An industry-leading online management tool also allows you to track your monthly and yearly consumption. Having such rich data at your fingertips makes it easy to spot opportunities to cut your usage - and your costs.

As you'd expect from a proudly green business, Energia’s online management tool offers a paperless billing option, complete with email or text notifications when bills are ready to view and download. Online payment tool, fast pay, also automates the payment of bills, taking another weight off your shoulders.


Energia stores all your bills, in an easy-access digital library, for up to three years. This means you can keep accurate tabs on your energy use over time. The data can be easily exported to your office software, and used in presentations, annual reports or other materials. By sharing your energy information so transparently, Energia helps you make better energy decisions, and save money at every step.

1. Fuss-free grant support

Energia is committed to helping you power your business in the most cost-effective and sustainable way. The business will even help you apply for potentially lucrative grants from Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

While most businesses recognise the value of going greener, applying for these grants can be a real nightmare for busy SMEs. Instead, Energia's dedicated team of experts works closely with potential grant applicants; then manages the entire project in the days and weeks afterwards on your behalf.

By cutting out the time-consuming tedium of form-filling and other admin, Energia ensures your business gets maximum benefit from the grants available, with the minimum hassle.

The business can also take charge of servicing, diagnosing and repairing your boilers – offering unbeatable service at low prices. By servicing your gas boiler once a year, you can be sure it’s running safely and efficiently. What’s more, an efficient boiler can save you money on your heating bill and help you avoid more expensive repairs down the line.

It's simple to switch

Moving over to Energia couldn’t be easier. The firm does all the paperwork for you – the only change you'll notice is better value and excellent service.

With the introduction of a new rewards programme, Energia Extra, customers also get great discounts from Ireland’s leading retailers, as well as spa and hotel deals across the country.

For a professional, future-proofed and cost-efficient energy solution, Energia is the premier option for the 21st Century.

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